Vine of Obstacles

Online support for Zen training

This training is designed for practitioners living at home who yearn to realize and actualize the great matter of birth and death.

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Who We Are

The Vine is led by Tetsugan Zummach Osho and Dosho Port Roshi in the lineage of Dainin Katagiri Roshi and James Myoun Ford Roshi. Ed Goshin Lube is the assistant teacher.

Dosho Port Roshi

Dōshō began practicing Zen in 1977 and now co-teaches at the Nebraska Zen Center with his wife, Tetsugan.

Dōshō received dharma transmission (authorization to teach Zen) from Dainin Katagiri Rōshi, and inka shōmei from James Myōun Ford Rōshi in the Harada-Yasutani lineage.

Dōshō’s translation and commentary on The Record of Empty Hall is due out in February, 2021 (Shambhala). He is also the author of Keep Me In Your Heart a While: The Haunting Zen of Dainin Katagiri.

You can read more from Dosho at his blog, Wild Fox Zen: Living the Dream.

​Tetsugan Zummach Osho

​Tetsugan Osho has studied and practiced Zen for 25 years. She received the precepts in 2001, is an ordained Zen priest and spiritual director, and received authorization to teach Zen from James Myōun Ford Rōshi.

She has also studied and practiced the Nyoho-e style of Japanese Buddhist rakusu and kesa sewing with Tomoe Katagiri (Katagiri Roshi's widow), and teaches it to others.

Licensed as a clinical social worker, Tetsugan has also trained in the practices of Morita therapy and Naikan (known as Japanese Psychology) at the ToDo Institute in Vermont.

Ed Goshin

Ed Goshin began studying Zen with Katagiri Roshi in the mid 80s, received jukai from Shohaku Okumura Roshi, and has studied with Dosho for many years.

He lives in Minneapolis, MN, and is the assistant teacher on the Vine of Obstacles.

Our Process


One-hour of daily sitting is recommended, usually focused on the breath or the keyword method of kōan introspection

Regular practice meetings with one of the teachers

Participation in the Engagement forums offer the important opportunity to engage in dharma discussion

Study selected works, emphasizing classical teaching sources, through group study

Next Steps

Next Steps

Tuition is $125 a month and includes the study practice on the Vine and weekly meetings with one of the teachers. To get started, contact us via email.